Our aim is to change the way you train forever

Giggle & Sweat was founded by two likeminded individuals, both with a passion for focused, technique driven fitness.

Celebrity trainer, Natt Summers, is responsible for writing and delivering the training programmes and selecting the right nutrition. Sam Rudland, a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing, and self confessed fitness junkie, manages sales, marketing and operations. They came together to deliver memorable fitness retreats in beautiful surroundings that we guarantee will get you sweaty. You’ll make new friends as you rest your aching muscles at the end of each day. You’ll experience new flavours that you can cook at home. Above all, you will leave feeling fitter, leaner and with a greater understanding of what your body and mind can achieve.


World-class trainers

World-class Trainers

Celebrity trainer and best-selling fitness author Natalie Summers writes all the fitness programmes for Giggle & Sweat and takes many of the retreats.

Boutique Retreats

Boutique Retreats

We blend fitness with beautiful locations. We’ll increase your fitness levels and get you lean and you’ll have a giggle while you sweat.

Giggle and Sweat mediterranean food you'll enjoy

Tasty Healthy Nutrition

Our Mediterranean nutrition plans are designed to get you lean without compromising on flavour. They’re so nice you’ll want to make them when you get home.

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

Our in-house team and guest trainers are all experts in their field so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Natalie Summers

Natalie Summers

Natalie Summers is a fitness entrepreneur, personal trainer, best-selling fitness author and mentor with an established track record of helping her clients accomplish their fitness and business goals. Her clients range from those seeking weight loss, rehabilitation/recovery from serious injury or trauma to gold medal winning Olympians and elite perfomers including globally recognised adventurer and survival expert, Bear Grylls.

Natalie conceived, designed and launched an innovative group exercise fitness brand in partnership with Bear Grylls and also co-authored the best-selling fitness book Your Life – Train for It with Bear.

Natalie runs Accomplish Fitness, boutique fitness studios with a singular focus to help clients achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals through innovative and progressive fitness.

Natalie’s fitness ethos is based on the proven and recognised principals of enhanced interval training. Interval training, specifically high intensity interval training (HIIT), offers maximum benefits in a shorter period of time to help you get the results you want without needing to spend hours in the gym.

Natalie’s workouts typically involve the use of alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. The use of short, intense workouts have been proven to provide improved athletic capacity and condition, improved glucose metabolism, improved fat burning and an overall reduction in cardio vascular related diseases.

Sam Rudland

A marketeer with over 20 years experience, Sam is a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing. Sam has always enjoyed sport and is a keen skier and scuba diver. Sam got serious about fitness about 10 years ago and met Natt when she was looking to take her fitness and training to the next level.  Now she couldn’t imagine life without it.

Also an entrepreneur, Sam owns and runs Essential, a boutique PR, Marketing and Events agency that focuses on the tech and fitness sectors. She’s run events for clients across Europe including ski incentives, company kick offs and even a black tie team building event culminating at Piz Gloria, on the summit of the Schilthorn in Switzerland.  

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